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For Ski lovers, the New Year’s holiday is the time to start packing for Skiing. If you love to Ski, you might also want to make the right choice in Ski resorts this season. It is worth noting that ski resorts are quite different from other vacation destinations; a lot hinges on the weather and the condition of the mountain than lodging or dining. This requires months and months of pre-planning and climate observation. Therefore, when people book ski trips, they are actually expecting that they would enjoy the best skiing experience. But, it is a fact that not all ski resorts can provide the same level of fulfillment to ski lovers. This is why we have compiled a list of the top 5 Ski Resorts in the USA.

American Ski resorts are popular worldwide for being well-facilitated, high-end and worth visiting. So let’s visit one of these excellent ski resorts to ensure an enriching and adventurous skiing trip. 

1. Jackson Hole:

No prizes for guessing, the top slot is occupied by the already very famous Jackson Hole. For Ski Lovers, Jackson Hole is what Patriots are for NFL. Even if there is not enough snowfall, the resort offers the best fall lines and terrain in the country. If you are not into the tram then you still have a gondola, which covers about 2,500 feet of vertical. This season, the place acquired another gondola, so there is another reason to visit this amazing resort.

A few years back there were complaints about the absence of terrain for the average destination skier; this issue has been resolved now as the resort has created large leaps to deliver skiers to extensive coursing groomers. Last season, the Teton Lift also debuted; this lift accesses a number of terrains that were previously in-bound but were skied less frequently than the side country and backcountry terrains. Teton lift’s left flank offers breathtaking views of the Tetons and gladed shots down the resort’s northern end while its right end offers a big apron groomer and some secret power fields shaded by the trees. Then there is the Sweetwater Gondola, which takes skiers from the base of the mountain to the Casper restaurant in one flight at the newly developed mid-station. 

Where to stay? The best mountain perch is offered by Hotel Terra, which is only a 30 second walk to the tram slightly away from The Mangy Moose, which is USA’s best après bar.

Where to Eat? To enjoy great cuisine the Spur Restaurant & Bar is perfect. Try its burgers and the Bloody Mary. 

2. Snowbird:

Snowbird is naturally gifted with an amazing climate and all the natural resources required to build a great ski resort. There are long sustained steep fall lines, an efficient tram that takes skiers from the ground to the top, higher percentage of north-facing terrain due to which snow remains cold and chalky and then there is the top quality snow that cannot be found anywhere else except for the nearby Alta. 

Snowbird offers an exclusive skiing experience; you get to move from the mountain’s top to bottom in big laps; skiers can link steep fall line from the summit to the steep fall line at the base. The resort is quite big and shelters all sorts of glades, stashes, and chutes, which otherwise are accessed by the locals only. 

The Mineral Basin terrain is a bonus for sun lovers; it runs on the mountain’s backside and allows skiers exclusive exposures that they cannot relish on the mountain’s north facing slopes. Though snow sometimes get baked over this spot but it is a great respite indeed for intermediates who want lots of light and gaping groomers. 

Where to stay? First choice should be The Cliff Lodge. The Summit lodge at the mountain’s top right ridge was opened last year, which adds to the resorts versatility of options. The lodge features modernist architecture with reinforced glass, timbers and concrete.

Where to eat? Try breakfast at The Forklift.

3. Alta:

Though Alta resort is not equipped with the frilly fixings that other resorts might offer but the quality of snowfall, dining and lodging options is so remarkable that it lures ski lovers to Alta. It won’t be a wrong statement that Alta resort has set the standard in lodging and dining for the rest of the resorts in the US.

Alta boasts of the best terrain and snow, which are actually envied by the ski world. The food here is awesome. Do try brownies when skiing at the Alta resort. There is the Children’s ski school which is known for preparing little ones for Skiing with the tricky terrain. It is the best training ground for kids since the facilities are top-notch and the staff is also very admirable. 

Alta resort is great for taking amazing shots. The Little Cottonwood Canyon would offer you some of the best shots if you could ski up there. Hero shots can be acquired by normal skiers.

The biggest benefit for Alta is the presence of Snowbird resort and the favorable snow that is generated there. Since Alta is located at the far-east end of the canyon, therefore, it gets an extra 15 to 20 percent more snow than Snowbird. Steep lines at the Little Cottonwood Canyon are ready for Skiing as soon as December 15th and the place gets overfilled with quality snow by the time New Year approaches. 

Where to eat? The Tram Bar offers great options.

Where to Stay? The best option would be Alta’s Rustler Lodge.

4. Telluride:

The town + resort combination at Telluride is simply alluring for ski lovers. Telluride is definitely better than Park City as it is extensive, high, north facing and snows gets chalky and carve-friendly by mid-season. Telluride boasts of arcing big turns down the Plunge, which is a big, steep groomer. Skiers can get exclusive panoramic views of the time while skiing and admire the thick strips of forests on a bright sunny day.

Telluride’s upper reaches offers Colorado’s steepest terrain that any other ski resorts could offer. Skiers hiking at the left side of the Palmyra Peak would be able to go up to the ante due to the presence of tighter and steeper chutes with elevation climbs. Skiers who approach from the opposite side would drop into Gold Hill Chutes, which offers some of Colorado’s rawest ski terrains. Then there are the Gold Hill stairs that have been bolted into San Juan rock. The stairs make a sketchy crux and the ascent is quite easily managed. The terrain angle grows sharper from here so better stop when you find the right steepness that you are looking. 

Where to stay? There are various fine lodging options in Mountain Village, which is located at a mid-mountain town. The resort owns a great lodging option called The Peaks. It offers all necessary amenities and the best location for skiers. 

Where to eat? To enjoy tasty food while sitting inside a 19th century cabin, then head to La Marmotte.

5. Whistler-Blackcomb:

This resort is now acquired by the magnanimous Vail Resorts Empire and hence, we can expect the number of visitors to twofold this season. Whistler already was one of the best resorts in the USA, but acquisition by Vail has further increased its worth. The resort is known for employing the industry’s best practices, amenities and skiing experience. 

The resort has recently undergone $2.4 million upgrades in its learning areas while 32 more snow guns have been added to the mountain, which brings its man-made snow arsenal to 317 guns that are strategically positioned at specific points on the mountain.

The pilot program has also been extended to create snow and preserve the Horstman Glacier. The glacier has been shrinking rapidly due to winters getting warmer than before. This is yet another blessing in disguise since colder winter here means Whistler would offer less rain and sleet and more powder. 

Where to stay? The best bet would be Fairmont Chateau Whistler

Where to eat? Peaked Pies should be your first priority.