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There are enormous options of latex mattresses that are available in the market. All these brands portray unique features that help them to claim their presence in this competitive segment. It becomes necessary to understand the claims and the features offered by the companies. This helps you in choosing the appropriate product that suits your requirements and proves the value for money.

There are several features that must be considered before purchasing latex mattresses, like the composition, types, firmness, processing type, thickness and pricing.

Composition: The latex mattress is made up of the latex layers; this latex can be either natural or synthetic. It is advisable to go for the organic latex one; like the Roma All Latex mattress which is manufactured from the natural latex. The use of the organic material puts it in the first place when it comes to health. 

Types: It is the constitution pattern of the mattress; like the all latex mattress has all the layers made up of the latex material as compared with the other types like latex over foam and foam over latex. The all latex mattress is costlier than these two; but offers great comfort and all natural support. 

Firmness: The firmness of the mattress is largely depending on the process of manufacturing. The companies offer different varieties that are having varied range of firmness. The best in class mattress offers the firmness that has almost no movement to ensure undisturbed sleeping pattern. 

Processing type: There are two types of manufacturing processes that are widely used by the manufactures across the globe. The first one is the “Dunlop” process and the second is the “Talalay” process. The first process yields the latex core that is softer on the surface and harder at the bottom. It is helpful in making the double flip type mattresses like the Roma all Latex. While the other method is used to prepare the latex layers that offer greater firmness. 

Thickness: The thickness of the mattress is one of the decisive factors that reflect on both the purchase and the pricing. The Roma All Latex Mattress is available in different sizes and thickness as per the requirements. 

Pricing: The pricing of the mattress is decided on the factors like the thickness, the manufacturing process, latex type, and size. The all natural latex mattress is always expensive as compared with the other variants. 

Roma All Latex Mattress is a top choice that has got all the features that one is looking for while purchasing a mattress. It is made from the organic latex within all the layers. It is available in four different sizes; King, Full, Twin XL, and Twin as per the requirements.

This mattress is manufactured by the Dunlop process and wrapped with the fire resistant outer covering. The mattresses are designed with a feature of double sided flip. It allows the user to choose the sleeping surface. One can go for the hard side for a firm surface or can flip it the softer side that allows medium plush.

The mattress is designed with a blend of safety and elegance. The mattress is made from all the natural latex layers and the absence of the chemicals make it odorless. The other advantage of the natural latex layer is that it keeps away the various bacteria and the allergens.  

Every mattress is made up in accordance with the standard manufacturing practices and is checked on the strict quality parameters to ensure that all the desired features are available with the utmost perfection. All these features make this all latex mattress the most preferred choice.