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Description: Mumbai offers a lot of things for visitors to enjoy. From shopping to walking through some of the known places, Mumbai is an amazing world city.

Do you ask any businessman what he would like to do in Mumbai? The answer of many such businessmen would be their profession. It has a history of Mumbai for being the trade center of India for a long time. People have a lot of hope when visiting Mumbai, but with the change in its structure, it has also become an awesome place to enjoy the holidays.

Many things in and around Mumbai could make you feel good once you have experienced the same. will give you valid information about such amazing activities which you can enjoy with your friends and family. 

Some of the very known-activities in Mumbai are:

Local train journey

Local trains in Mumbai have been referred to as the city’s lifeline. It is such a mode where almost all classes of people travel together. If you are new to Mumbai, then this becomes mandatory for you to experience the pleasure of traveling in the Mumbai local trains. It would be recommended to avoid traveling during the office opening and closing time as there would be less crowd.

Street foods

There are some delicious things associated with the city. If you love food , then you would love to taste the street foods at any chaupati of Mumbai. The likes of pavbhajimissal pavvadapav and others would really make you to enjoy your time in Mumbai.

Business tour

The places like Nariman Point, Bandra-Kurla Complex are going to make you feel like a business baron with its skyscraper buildings in the modern way. You would also be able to walk through the Crawford market to see the traditional way of business in the city.


Since, Mumbai is situated at the seashore so there are enough space for the people to enjoy some amazing sailing experience in the Arabian Sea. You would love this experience at the best after being from the busy life of Mumbai city.

Ayurvedic massage

If you have come for the first time in Mumbai and want to get fresh with your muscles, then Ayurvedic massage is something that would take your positive interests. There are various massage parlours in the city which is going to make you feel fresh and active. The Kerala Ayurvedic massage is a known name in this.


Mumbai is just not curtailed to its traditional business world as this is the city of Bollywood too. You may find some of your favourite Bollywood actors performing act at different places in the city. You can take the better guidance from


The outer region of Mumbai is going to give you the pleasure through its different looks. There are many villages around the city where you would be able to witness the real and traditional way of living in the city. These are mainly Konkani villages that have been a better part of Mumbai from its history.

About author: The author is a freelance business person who lives and loves Mumbai all the way.