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A lot of ways are there to lose weight. But, all we need is a quick process, isn’t it? While we have to pass through lot of difficulties like killing our appetite, being hungry etc, there are some quick ways to lose weight without doing such painful things. The following are 3 most Extreme Weight Loss Methods which can change your life:

Stomach Stapling:

It creates a pouch in the stomach which holds only a small quantity of food. Thus, it will lead to less consumption of food, ultimately helping you to lose weight. The results can be immediately seen.


This is the most common option that an obese person uses to lose fat. A tube is inserted in body which goes up and down to reduce the chunk of fat stored in body. The process continues till the fat is removed from the body, giving you a toned look. Liposuction is a risky procedure and there are high possibilities of fat formation again in few months. It is recommended to consult your doctor before taking a decision on this extreme weight loss method.

Appetite suppressing pills:

The risk involved in this is slightly less when compared to other methods. These pills will control your appetite thereby controlling your food consumption. You will see weight loss within 3 weeks from the day of consumption of the pill. These pills do have side-effects. They might lead to high blood pressure, chest pain and other infections in the body. Thus, it will be wise to not to get addicted to these pills. You are advised to consult a doctor before being dependent on these weight loss pills.

Hope this article had been useful to you. Remember, these are the extreme weight loss methods and hence should be opted only under the consultation of experienced doctors.